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The primary concern of my artworks is to embrace the randomness and subtle chaotic energy of the natural world through direct-photographic processes. I like to think of them as moments of Ecology. Not in the environmental ‘save the turtles’ sense that is commonly assumed by the term, but rather in the bigger picture of interconnectedness. The artworks themselves begin as points in time and space in which I came across a clashing of Ecologies, where elements of one intertwine with the other in a vibrant site of exchange. Created with sunlight, sand, water and various other organic materials, the artworks utilise fragments of the natural world as not just reference points, but as a physical collaborator and catalyst within the work. Working with such simple life-sourcing materials allows the work to exist fundamentally as an essence of itself, rather than as a conceptual representation of something else. Thus rendering the work simultaneously a cause and effect of the ecological mesh. They become a reflection of the natural processes and ever-evolving nature of the world; they reveal themselves during the process of being made, and the finished work is merely a consequence of the process it took to create it.

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