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Barbara Tuck

Ecology is about connections. Tuck's paintings are also about connections. She has used areas of interaction and intertwining elements to create a distorted perspective of a natural environment. The combining of different planes and perspectives of one landscape within a single painting is not only intriguing to observe, but also creates a visual representation of the various different ways an environment is perceived by everyone and everything affiliated with it.

I am also interested in the way that Tuck has portrayed the relationship between man and nature - painted in almost a dreamlike manner, the work weaves the natural (the landscape) and the urban (the clusters of people) together in such a way that there is no obvious dissociation between the two ecologies, one flows seamlessly into the other as they coexist within the work. Douglas, Jessica. "Sublime Worlds: A Review of Barbara Tuck's 'Plume of Steam?" Pantograph Punch (blog), May 16, 2017.

"Barbara Tuck." Anna Miles Gallery. Last modified September 16, 2019.

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