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Claudia Jowitt

I came across Claudia Jowitt’s work at the Auckland Art Fair 2019. I was drawn to the rich layers of texture that makes up her pieces, and the intricacy and delicacy of the detail she has put into them – whites hues that are laced with the faintest hints of ocher or maroon, and tiny textural shapes and lines that can hold the eye’s attention for hours. in order for Jowitt to create these wonderfully unique works, she has had to use a unique way of applying the paints/mediums; rather than just using a normal painting tool such as a brush or palette knife, Jowitt has used a combination of icing bags, spatulas and combs among other tools to manipulate the paint in such a way so that she is essentially painting as sculpture.

"Melanie Roger Gallery: Claudia Jowitt." Melanie Roger Gallery. Accessed October 15, 2019.

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