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Crit notes

  • looks like oil marbling - relates to Marijkas work - 'incompatible materials'

  • time/duration - good possibilities - good scale

  • mysterious "within the surface" - synthetic repels

  • silk receives colour in a pure way

  • changed the way Mon thought about cyanotype - Simon Hantai

  • fabric holding memory - documenting the process from the darkroom to the beach to installation

  • "active documentation" - the work is performing while we are here - agitated surface

  • the condition of the place that you show the work helps create the work

  • different sites as materials

  • Lisa Benson durational work

  • 'embedded' - thinking about connection

  • see it more like a painting - fluidity of the fabric

  • scale as movement - full body viewing

  • what do you mean by immersive?

  • think about what structure to show them on - more connection to the site - temporal frames relate to the site

  • material memory

  • Sam Gilliam work - draping

  • landscape format - relationship to the site

  • georgette silk

  • Maurie Landers

  • Magic happens where methods collide - amys crit

  • chaos theory - a little thing can have a large ripple effect

  • system overriding aesthetics

  • body/mind connections

  • small = intimate

  • crafted logic - where does the image sit in this object and vice versa

  • thinking about time as a currency

  • cyanotypes actively remembering and sxposing themselves

  • bodily presence

  • performative aspect of work

  • light shining through fabric - enables materiality - jermaines crit

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