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Exposure experimentation

After the successful long exposure pinhole I was curious to see how else I could play with exposure methods and what kind of results I would get. I wanted to work on retaining the aspect of my practice that immerses and collaborates with the site, so I decided to let movement from the wave action dictate some of the shots.

The first shot was taken by placing one of the small pinhole cameras on the edge of the water and letting the waves push it and roll it around. It ended up rolling so that the pinhole faced up - pointed at myself leaning over it. This captured a lot of movement, creating accidental shadows of my silhouette and is the first documentation I have taken where I have been in it.

The second successful image I took was actually a test shot from a newly acquired pinhole camera to figure out exposure times. It was taken atop of a man-made erosion wall, pointing at the mouth of the estuary where the river meets the sea.

Unfortunately all of the other photos I took in this shoot came back completely overexposed and blacked out. However I did get some documentation of the methods I was using to try and trace the movement of the waves, which I will attempt again with different exposure times at my next shoot.

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