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Gokce Tercioglu: Turkish marbling art of Ebru

Relevant notes about Gokce Terciogu's art practice:

  • Gokce is a young multicultural artist who works with the Turkish marbling art of Ebru

  • she adopted a new design process by creating designs on the water surface instead of through digital/pencil sketches

  • "water and earth are the main elements in her art. Every material used for it is gathered from nature. All paintings are created on water surface with handmade brushes out of horsehair, bound to rose twigs and use natural earth pigments"

  • "we cannot see the same clouds, colours, patterns twice in the sky. With its similar unpredictable nature, marble art can awaken the same emotional experience as you get when you are immersed by natural scenery."

  • marbling stylises nature

  • every material used in her art in available in nature

Gökçe Art. Accessed October 19, 2020.

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