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Mid semester reflections

I feel as though my work flow has slowed down over the last week. I know I want to move more in the direction of the cyanotypes and thinking about alchemic processes rather than the drawing approach of the wave tracings. However having been paint-based for most of my art practice, I feel that my lack of knowledge in these direct-photographic processes is becoming somewhat of a block in my art-making. I think that I am trying to force the whole collaboration with the environment thing too much and it is restricting and suffocating the flow of my practice. I need to spend more time around the Tamaki Estuary to really understand it and figure out what it is about the site I want to respond to - what are the ecological concerns that speak to me and what are the best ways to engage with them? Maybe I should let that lead the work rather than trying to conform some other method or process into working with the site. I feel like I have been trying to impose outside methods and processes onto the site, as though I am trying to make the site respond to me and my work, rather than letting my work respond to the site.

What do I notice? What catches my eye? What sparks a thought or an emotional reaction, and how can I trace it?

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