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Research: Heat exhibition - Natalie Robertson

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Natalie Robertson is a New Zealand artist who works with photographic and moving image art. Her practice engages with indigenous relationships to land and place, environmental issues and cultural landscapes. In 2017 Robertson partook in the Heat exhibition at Te Uru Gallery, the purpose of the exhibition was to present solar ‘powered’ art and performative practices to highlight and socialise climate-friendly revolutions. Her work for the show consisted of a series of sunprints made with pieces of driftwood from the mouth of the Waiapu River laid on top of cyanotype cotton squares.

Grbich, Sasha, David Haines and Joyce Hinterding, Monique Jansen, Maria O’Connor, Public Share, Janine Randerson, Natalie Robertson, Saskia Schut, Rachel Shearer, Hana Tai, Amanda Yates and Harold Barton. Heat: Solar Revolutions. Auckland: Te Uru Gallery, 2017.

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