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Notes about the Tamaki Estuary history

  • 1300 AD the Tainui waka came to NZ from Rangiatea via Raratonga, following the coast to the Hauraki Gulf, then up the Tamaki River and over the Otahuhu portage to the Maunkau harbour

  • They thought they heard human voices but it was manu-kau (only birds)

  • During the early settler period there were proposals to build canals between Tamaki River and Manukau harbour

  • An 1848 advertisement stated that land by the Tamaki River "is perhaps the most fertile in Auckland district traversed by the Great Road from Auckland to the interior, by frontage between Manukau and Tamaki River with a canal to unite these waters."

  • The Tahuna Torea sandspit was a valuable food gathering site

  • Most of the North and west areas of the Tamaki were colonised by the Taylor family

  • At Karaka Bay, the first bay on the western shore, Hobson met with Ngati Paoa to collect signatures for the Treaty in 1840

  • In the 1860s Panmure, Otahuhu and Onehunga were used as military settlements for the Pakeha invasion of Waikato

  • Howick and Bucklands Beach - fencible settlement. Land formerly occupied by Ngai Tai. First settled by retired soldiers of the Royal New Zealand Fencibles, promised a cottage and an acre of land in exchange for 7 years of service.

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