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RD Presentation wk 4

Keywords: Ecology, tracing, points of exchange

Working title: Art Through Ecology

Aims: My practice aims to trace moments of interaction within the ecological mesh. By employing drawing and direct-photographic methods of making, I intend to create works that embrace the environments in which they are made, even going as far as including them as physical collaborators within the art-making processes. This site-specific and environment-responsive approach aims to bring notions of ecology into a much more direct correlation with my practice, reframing the context in which they are lived and observed by both myself as the artist, as well as the viewer. The artwork I am currently working on - tracing waves - is part of a series that quite literally traces the movements of the waves at local beaches near my house. It is created by floating paper on some foam and holding a pen still over top of it; letting the movement of the waves dictate where the lines are drawn by pushing the paper around, rather than myself as the artist consciously moving the pen. The aim of this environment-led method of making is to allow the work to exist simultaneously as both a product of, and an active part of the ecology it is tracing; acting as a visual intersection between entities within the ecological mesh.

Research question: How the utilisation of environment-responsive methods of making to initiate a collaboration with ecologies to trace moments of interaction within the ecological mesh?

Fields of Inquiry: Observing and recording moments of ecology and exchange, using natural and weather phenomena as physical collaborators, site-specific and environment-responsive, ecology and interconnectivity

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