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Studio B Installation

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

I decided to present the sheer fabric piece and a selection of smaller cyanotypes for the studio B summative. Although I made the fabric work a few weeks ago I really wanted to explore some other installations options as I felt like it had potential to be a much more engaging work and have much more of an impact with the right choice of install. I knew that I wanted to take it away from the wall so that it would be able to move and respond to the air flow in the space - rippling and moving in ways that reflect the currents and waves of the Tamaki Estuary in which it was made. I ended up suspending it from the ceiling using found fishing line where the flow of air from the studio aircon falls down. This also ideally happens to be directly in front of the window, allowing light to shine through the fabric from behind, enriching and illuminating the colours of the cyanotype.

The smaller A3 cyanotypes are presented on the wall next to the fabric piece.They are at 90º to one another so that there is dialogue between them and both can be viewed at the same time in relation to each other.

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