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TED Talk: Nature is Everywhere

Relevant notes from 'Nature is everywhere':

  • humans use half of the world

  • we have changed the chemistry of the soil, sand, air, added plastic to everything

  • currently 42% more C02 in the air than the 1700s

  • this is the anthropocene

  • what counts as nature in a world where everything is influenced by humans?

  • "nature is anywhere where life thrives. Anywhere where there are multiple species together."

  • humans have always been deeply influential on nature - as we evolved our processes of interacting with nature caused a mass extinction (mammoths, saber-toothed tigers etc) When they went extinct the ecosystem didn't simply carry on, it created a ripple effect which caused huge changes to habitats and the composition of nature

  • "humans have been involved in nature in a very influential way for a very long time.

Marris, Emma. "Nature is Everywhere - We Just Need to Learn to See It." July 2016. TED Talk.

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