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Tracie Cheng

Singapore based artist Tracie Cheng creates invigorating paintings that combine contrasting layers of depth and texture that are uniquely organic. I am particularly drawn to her work because of the way the feelings of tranquility created by the flowing lines, and passion created by the moody cloud-like sky, co-exist harmoniously within one work.

"There is a richness in the combination of these layers- all working together to form a textured story. My work is a play on space and depth, structure and fluidity. As I interweave lines and paint, the painting takes on an unexpected, yet natural evolution and movement. I want my paintings to draw people in with questions of knowing more. I want a calm understanding to be felt, despite what may never be known. I want us to find more possibility in the intangible, and allow for it to come into its own." - Tracie Cheng

Tracie Cheng. Accessed October 15, 2019.

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