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Tracing waves

This small first experimental work was created by floating paper on some foam at a local beach and holding a pen still over top of it; letting the movement of the waves dictate where the lines are drawn by pushing the paper around, rather than myself as the artist consciously moving the pen. It simultaneously traces the environment while also creating a dialogue with it - I am on one side of the pen and the waves are on the other, like a conversation between the two sides. There is an exchange of movement and resistance, conducted through the pen and recored by the paper.

I am thrilled with how this first test turned out, and am in the process of developing a 3D printed wheeled pen holder so that the pen can move freely across the paper in accordance with the waves. I imagine these as a series of different tracings, with each one being created at a different location or perhaps at different tides, times or during different weather conditions.

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