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Walk and Talk

For our fourth CR class we made our way to Ingrids house for a 'walk and talk' to discuss our projects outside of an institutional setting. The simple act of walking while explaining my research project was surprisingly stimulating and I found myself able to articulate my project easily, letting the ideas flow in much more of a relaxed conversational manner than typically happens within the uni. The rhythmic act of walking was reflected in the seamless flow of the conversation, bringing to the forefront of my mind thoughts about body/brain and movement/thinking correlations. The most insightful part of the activity was hearing back what keywords and things of note my partner (Ann) had picked up on during my talking:

  • Keyword: Ecology - work about interconnection and the ecological mesh

  • Collaborative act with nature

  • To let nature take its course within the work (not just making work about ecology)

  • Let ecology do the work

  • Tracing points of interaction or exchange within the process

  • Thoughts about the world as a single organism and everything being connected

  • Capturing moments of ecological movement

  • Sense of being compassionate or empathic towards the natural world

  • Point of departure for my work was the Kelmarna Gardens lecture by Monique Jansen in 2019: having a lecture outside of an institutional context totally changed the perception of it

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