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Visual references

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

With the end of semester approaching, deadlines are closing in hard and fast and a serious case of stress-induced artist-block has set in. Creativity is low and pressure is rising. So what do we do to break the block? We research!!

I took to the websites of Tate, MoMA and other trusty art galleries and networks to explore fresh artists, artworks and ideas. Delving into the world of abstract expressionism, colour field painting and sublime art, the ball started rolling and the creative juices began flowing.

I was particularly taken by Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler's works. Inspired by the surrealist idea that art should come from the unconscious mind, their works create a sense of immersion and depth derived from colour/texture relationships; something I would like to employ within my own work.

Willem de Kooning, 'The Visit'

Mark Rothko

Helen Frankenthaler, 'All About Blue'

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