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Practice discussion sessions

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

We kicked off the practice discussion sessions with conversations about our research proposals and what we are wanting to explore in our masters. I spoke about the ideas of ecology and interconnectivity that I have been working with, and the underlying drive to document them in such a way that they become a physical part of the art-making process, a collaboration if you will.

I currently have two artworks underway which I presented in the sessions. The first of which was made by tracing wave movements at a local beach near my home, and the second (still a work in progress) will become a cyanotype sunprint of natural organic matter built up over time in my garden.

Some thoughts/observations from the sessions:

  • Try not to fall into habitual language when speaking about your work - think more about the words you are using

  • How is my work situated within the environment it is tracing? How does its presence affect it?

  • How do I define 'nature' and what is 'natural'? From a Maori/indigenous perspective there is no separation between self and nature: I am nature

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