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Revisiting Tim Knowles

I had previously looked at the work of Tim Knowles within the context of collaborations between art and natural environments. However, with recent developments in my practice leading me to explore analogue photography, I revisited some of his work with pinhole photography. In 2016 Knowles recorded his journey down New Zealand’s Tasman glacier using a camera with a digital pinhole. The camera took a series of long exposure photos that captured the surrounding scenery in a blur of motion as Knowles walked down from the mountain tops.

I am interested in trying something similar using a pinhole camera at the Tamaki Estuary. It would provide an opportunity to begin introducing temporal and durational qualities to my work, while retaining an analogue and immersive approach to documenting the estuary.

'Glacial Creep' (2016), by Tim Knowles, pinhole photographs

Knowles, Tim. "Glacial Creep - Tasman glacial walk.". Accessed March 26, 2021.

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