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Summative Installation

For the Studio A summative assessment I decided to use the wave drawings and my most recent wave edge cyanotypes. The reason for this is because they are two different types of tracings of the same site; offering different entry points into understanding the environment and creating dialogue between the two works. The contrast between the the soft, flowing ambience of the cyanotypes, and the spiky kinetic lines of the drawings, is made even more intriguing because of the fact that they were created in exactly the same spot under very similar weather conditions.

The placement of the artworks on the wall came from an intuitive/subconscious map in my mind of how I was thinking about the site when I was making the works; the cyanotypes, which were tracing the edges of the waves, are a continuous stretch along the shoreline, placed low on the wall because when I am walking along the beach the waves are at my feet. The drawing works were created slightly further out in knee-deep water, so they have been placed further up the wall where the 'deeper water' would be if looking down on a map of the site. To my left when I was making the works was a boat ramp, which in my mind was a void, disruptive area of human intervention within the environment. It is also the reason for the placement of the isolated drawing to the left; boats coming too and from the boat ramp created wakes which disrupted the rhythm of the waves and therefore creating an anomaly tracing.

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