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Talk week feedback notes

With Juliana Engberg, Mon Redmond and Fiona Armunsun

  • Volatility - energy

  • Not sure if site-responsive is the most accurate term - they are details of the site

  • Enjoys the alchemical way that they re actuate

  • An after life / different life / spirited life

  • Reactuate

  • Cosmological

  • Microcosmic / macrocosmic

  • Central capture

  • Releasing a cosmos of sorts

  • The small original prints have a very active quality

  • Transformational processes

  • Don't allow them to fix

  • Big image is fixed and smaller ones are still moving

  • Like a faxinily

  • A tracking going on that is always moving and temporal

  • Beyond us

  • Precarious and changeable practice

  • "A process of practicing that demands care."

  • Is there a danger that the work could become decorative? How does one avoid that outcome?

  • Mutable character to the images - capture the mutability

  • "The perfected after image"

  • A transformation

  • Lured into the image

  • Believing that the large one is changing too

  • Why do you need the big one? What role does it play? What are the relationships between the originals and the large one?

  • Fiona loves the chemical smell of the originals

  • The big one feels like ink on a canvas rather than a real light emulsion

  • Shelf was an interesting idea and worked well but maybe doesn't play to the sensibility of the work

  • A conversation that starts at source and at experience

  • The 'real' scale is just the scale of the paper

  • play between the relationships of what could you do

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