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The leftovers - A3 cyanotypes

When I made the fabric works there was a lot of residue liquid cyanotype left on the workbenches. Rather than cleaning it up and therefore wasting it, I decided to 'mop' it up with some spare paper that was in the print lab. This made a beautiful fluid, organic looking texture rather than a blank coating on the paper. Not knowing what I wanted to do with them at the time I put them away for later use. It was until this past week that I decided what to print onto them - a map of the Tamaki Estuary. I made 3 different prints: the first one contains only the section of the Estuary that had a direct, physical effect on the artworks, the second print shows the area that I see and interact with on a day to day basis, and the third print shows the Estuary in its entirety. Since the exhibition of the fabric work is in a place that is not the Estuary, I wanted to include an element that contextualises the abstract nature of it, and forms a visual connection to the site in which it was made. This may act as an entry point for viewers to understand the origins of the work.

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